A scene that made ​​you cry  → Paro & Devdas separate ( Hameesha tumko )


"I don't care when someone calls the heart sores as poetry... 
but it bothers when they praise it."

This scene is not only one of the very best character introduction scenes, but most importantly it is possibly the most seductive scene I have ever witnessed. There is not a hint of vulgarity, crudeness, there is not a single suggestive word, but the whole atmosphere, dialogue delivery and most importantly her eyes tell a story of their own. The look on her face is actually innocent and she is carrying her own beauty and sensuality like a chunari. The bare back, the wet hair draped casually over her shoulder, a certain carelessness about how imperfect she might look like since she is not at all ready yet to greet her guests - actually makes her perfect. She is the winner of the little word fight he tries to pick up with her, and spreding that bit of parfume over his neck, just gently brazing his skin, knowing fully well what effect such gesture can have, it is both her victory celebration and an invitation - he is now welcomed to vie for her and she just might consider it. She doesn´t know yet his feelings are invested somewhere else, or if they will ever change.